ELLEX: VI International EURO LATAM LEX Congress


The VI International Congress of Euro Latam Lex, the international network of prestigious law firms commenced on February 6, in Washington DC, in the offices of Holland & Knight. The opening session did not disappoint but fulfilled the maximum of expectations with the first words of George Mencio, Partner at Holland & Knight LLP (USA) and host of the event, followed by Javier Cremades, President of Euro Latam Lex and of the World Jurist Association, and Chairman of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo (Spain).

The seventh and last Session of the VI Euro Latam Lex International Congress was entitled “Compliance Challenges in the Era of 5G”. The panel was moderated by Hachem Boulos, Manager at Boulos Law Office (Lebanon) and was thought with a strong interest in new technology law.